We Like: Bjork Biophilia

Many a music artist has dabbled with the increasing potential of multimedia and the power of the visual to enhance their sound, but the ever pioneering Bjork looks set to take it to a new level. Her latest project Biophilia, is being touted as a full on multimedia event Art Directed by long standing collaborators M/M Paris.

The as well as the standard album release Biophilia will be released as an ‘app album’ with each of the 10 songs having it’s own mini application. Detailed features of these apps at current are quite sketchy but judging by the fact it’s being developed by interactive artist Scott Snibbe it looks set to include interactive games and remix capabilities.

The first tease comes from the newly launched Bjork.com website, built in HTML5, users can use gestures on an iPad (or arrow keys on your keyboard), to float around the website’s galaxy. It has to be said currently you can’t do a lot else, but once the content from the new new project gradually gets released, new constellations will appear leading you to the various online content. Whilst the navigation is a bit clunky with a mouse and keyboard it’s cleared designed for touch screen navigation, and offers an interesting glimpse at the immersive possibilities of HTML 5 and tablets.

Hopefully with prominent forward thinking artists such as Bjork and Arcade Fire (look at The Wilderness Downtown if you haven’t seen it already) we can get over the be-moaning of digital music being the death of album art begin to see the possibilities ahead.