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Brand consultancy services including company rebranding, responsive website design and business stationery.
Savitri Yoga Logo Design
Savitri Yoga Business Stationery Design
Savitri Yoga Responsive Website Design
Savitri Yoga Responsive Website Design

Our Client

Jane Bishop is an independent Hatha Yoga tutor teaching for over 11 years across the West Midlands. Trading as Savitri Yoga, Jane has established a regular client base for her weekly sessions alongside a growing reputation for her Antenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes.



The original company branding and website utilised bold colours that didn’t sit well with her gentle, meditative approach and often overpowered the content. A calmer visual approach and more structured website layout was desired, along with a greater focus on the benefits of the practice for different audience groups.


As the popularity of the Antenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes has grown a defined area of the website was needed to promote these services alongside the newly created one-to-one and workshop sessions.


Our Response

The previous company website provided a basic overview but lacked a clear user journey for those wishing to find out about specific areas of her practice. We provided a bespoke responsive WordPress website including clear navigation to separate the distinct areas of the site; based on the demographics of Jane’s client base.


The websites written content was greatly expanded to focus on the benefits of Hatha Yoga and includes FAQ sections for those unfamiliar with the practice. A cleaner visual approach was taken for both the core branding and website layout, introducing more white space for the elements to breathe and a cool, calming colour palette.


The new website also introduced a ‘learn at home’ section where Jane can provide visual step-by-step guides to common yoga asanas for class members to build upon their practice at home.

We Delivered


– Brand Consultancy Services
– Logo Design
– Responsive Website Design
– Custom WordPress Website Build
– Cross Platform & Browser Testing
– Google Analytics Management
– Business Stationery

Client Verdict


‘Into the White made a fantastic job of my new site, my old site needed significant updating and re-branding, they were great at listening and understanding me and how I wanted to project myself. I have had a lot of new business through the site, so I’m very happy.’

Jane Bishop, Owner