Easter Project: Nick Cave Munny

I’ve a strange fascination for the weird and wonderful creations people come up with for Munny vinyl toys; if you’re unfamiliar with them we’ve a Pinterest board devoted to them. However until now I’d never found the time to create my own, so decided to make this an easter project.

Taking inspiration from the brilliant  illustrations for Grinderman’s Mickey Mouse & The Goodby Man video by Ilinca Hopfner, I thought the simple Nick Cave/Micky Mouse character would work great as a Munny, and as the illustration style is quite simple would be a good practice run.


Have to admit he’s a bit of a scrappy first attempt not helped by the fact it’s the 11cm Munny and I only had some quite fat markers to hand. I’ve since found some good tips on Kidrobot’s website which are worth bearing in mind as I’d probably have got a nicer finish had I decided to prime. Was all good fun though and I’m sure I’ll be making a few more in the future.