New Work: Redpoint Climbing Scheme Logbooks

Into the White are pleased to be working with Redpoint Climbing Centre Birmingham to develop their new Redpoint Climbing Scheme (RCS) programme logbooks. The scheme is designed to help novice climbers develop their climbing abilities with the log books providing a both a record of skills acquired and a reference guide for commonly used terms & equipment.

After an initial exploration of possible visual styles we developed a series of illustration elements that fit with the existing Repoint branding and work for members of all ages. Onsite photography provided by the Redpoint team also helps re-iterate that the scheme is created bespoke by the centres instructors for its members.

The level 1-4 logbook is now in circulation with the advanced levels 5 – 7 currently in production, a full project breakdown inĀ Our Work section will be coming soon.

Redpoint Climbing Centre Logbook Design