Roar Fitness Logo Design

ROAR Fitness Brand Development

We’ve been working with some local new start ups recently; helped in part by a successful direct marketing campaign to target newly formed companies. One such company is ROAR Fitness who asked us to create their logo and brand development for a new fitness company.

The company aims to provide a personal, efficient on and off line service for sports and gym enthusiasts; combining both own branded and selected suppliers equipment and supplements.

The new logo hints at lean power and strength, combining solid, robust typography with a bespoke abstract lion motif. Careful attention was paid to gender neutrality in the motif development to help ensure the branding does appear overly masculine and alienate a female audience. Whilst still in the early stages, Into the White are continuing to help the company design and develop their online presence in the coming months.

It’s great to see one positive of the recent turbulent economic times has been a real increase in new start ups and entrepreneurial spirit, and long may it continue. As always if you have a project you’d like to get off the ground don’t hesitate to get in touch with our design team.

Roar Fitness Branded Items