New Website Now Live

A warm welcome to the all new Into The White website. After a fair bit of planning we’re finally live with a new site design just in time to celebrate our upcoming second birthday. Our old site had served us well as a visual introduction to our services but we really needed to get a bit more content driven, both to better inform our potential customers and improve our search engine visibility.

Whilst we liked the aesthetics of the old site, being primarily image led did not provide enough information to visitors who may not deal with design agencies on a regular basis. We put ourselves through some pretty vigorous questioning to get to the heart of what it is we do well and to succinctly provide visitors with a solid overview of the services we can offer.

We decided nothing short of a complete re-design of the website was necessary to provide a solid new framework. This re-design also allowed us to consider the long term needs of the site in the face of an increasing variety of internet enabled devices. Our new site utilises a responsive layout carefully designed to provide a user friendly layout that makes the most of the available screen real estate, from small mobile screens through to large desktop displays.

We’ve been tinkering behind the scenes to get things in full working order but I’m sure we’ll be making a few more tweaks over the next few weeks. So if you like the new site design or spot any issues we’d greatly appreciate any comments.