Checking for Duplicated Content

Just a quick post with what may hopefully be a useful link to website owners out there. As you may or may not be aware there have been some fairly recent changes to Google’s algorithm’s known as Panda and Penguin. The aim of these are to produce better quality search results and lower the ranking for websites employing dodgy SEO tactics, spam content etc. Not a problem for any decent upstanding website owner, however these algorithms also target duplicate content.

If your anything like me then you will have spent an age condensing details about your company into some nice bite sized blurbs for whenever you need to create a new profile on a business forum, local listing sites, Linked In profile etc. Whilst this may have saved you time in the short run, using the same text  on multiple sites may well start to affect your Google rankings.

A great way you can look up duplicate content is via Copyscape. Not only will this highlight if anybody else has stolen some of your content (I know people who have had their entire site lifted and just the company name changed!), it also saves you manually hunting down the sites you’ve created a profile on over the years for duplicate content. Only snag is you have to give it specific URLs to check, so for most best to start with your About Us page.

Hope that’s of use.